Practices on the ground!

Agricultural high school students are the next generation of responsible farmers

The ”Practice on the Ground” project, implemented by the HEKS/EPER Romania Foundation in partnership with the FAER Foundation through the Active Citizen Fund Romania program, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA grants 2014-2021, is currently in the field work phase.

After the agricultural high schools in Reghin and Bistrita hosted the presentations made by the experts from the project, the autumn found the project in Blaj, where the young people from the “Ștefan Manciulea” Technological High School have been informed on the project s findings. The students learned what measures a farmer can take to have a healthy soil, what are the national and European policies that support sustainable soil management, but also what are the professional and educational options for young experts in the agricultural field. Through the presence of students from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, during the activities, the students learned information not only about the educational offer of the University but also about student life in a large university center.

In parallel with the dissemination activity of the study carried out by the project, an evaluation of the soil management practices implemented by the communes of the four counties included in the project was carried out in Alba, Mureș, Cluj and Bistrița Năsăud. Of the 142 communes that received the questionnaire, 33 provided complete answers about the actions to inform farmers, the relevant logistics for ensuring soil health, but also about their proposals for improving the existing legal framework. Among the most relevant conclusions is the need expressed by the representatives of these institutions for expertise both for their own staff who carry out information activities and for farmers to help them make responsible decisions when working the land or administering various pesticides and fertilizers.

The project continues with meetings with agricultural high school students, study visits for USAMV students, events with farmers and soil testing for them as well as with contributions through advocacy activities for national legislation in the field of sustainable soil management adapted to the current challenges of environment.


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