Practices on the ground!

Conference of dissemination of the project’s results (before the conference)

Practices on the ground! project has reached the faze of dissemination of the results gathered from working with farmers, young pupils and students, as well as through the good practices exchanges made in local farms.

The Conference wants to be a means of bringing together several state institutions, as well as beneficiaries of the project in order to present them the results from educational activities, from research and pilot activities, from communicating with relevant institutions as well as the results regarding the research done in the sustainable managing of the soil.

The conference will approach in broad lines the following themes:

  • Perspectives in sustainably managing the soil from the view point of farmers, UAT (Territorial administrative units) and relevant institutions;
  • Legislation level in sustainable agriculture;
  • Good practices and practical ways of achieving soil work;
  • Implementing GAEC Standards, relevant for the soil;

Developing partnerships for the continuation of information activities regarding sustainable management


Information meetings for farmers

The event will take place on June 22nd 2023, starting at 11 AM, at CLUJ HUB, Ferdinand Street no, 22-26, 3rd floor, Cluj-Napoca.

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe

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